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How to Use Hashtags to Increase Your Brand’s Reach on Instagram

How to Use Hashtags to Increase Your Brand’s Reach on Instagram?

Businesses have started using social media platforms to promote their brand, gain the audience’s attention, and make sales.

Interestingly, Instagram, the most favorite social media site of people across the globe, is an effective tool for social media marketing. Research studies indicate that Instagram has helped around 83% of users find new businesses, products, and services. The stats show how beneficial Instagram can be in increasing your brand’s reach, given its vast user base. If you wish to improve your brand’s reach on Instagram, you can buy instagram views to gain more engagement and visibility.

Now we know how beneficial Instagram can be to increase your brand’s reach. But, what is that one secret ingredient marketers use to promote a brand’s reach?

It’s the usage of Hashtags that many marketers use to promote brand awareness and increase a brand’s reach. Research studies reveal that niche-based hashtags increase engagement rates by 12%.

Let’s now learn about the different hashtags brands use and the best hashtag practices marketers use to increase a brand’s reach.

The Different Hashtags That Are Popular Among Brands

Some of the popular hashtags that brands have used to increase their brands’ visibility and get a good reach are as follows:

1. Branded Hashtags

Most of the brands on Instagram use branded hashtags. Branded hashtags are nothing but your brand’s name, business tagline, slogan, or service. People use branded hashtags to find content related to a business on Instagram. So, if you wish to make a strong community on Instagram, seeking help from Inzfy will help you reach your target audience and increase a deep sense of community.

Ex: Coca-Cola uses its brand name on Instagram as its hashtag. The branded hashtag of Coca-Cola is #MyCocoCola.

2. Product Hashtags

Product hashtags combine the name of a brand and a particular product belonging to that brand. It helps find content related to the goods of your brand.

Ex: Lakme, the famous lipstick brand’s product hashtag on Instagram is #LakmeLipstick. The hashtag has made use of the brand name and the product. Hence, users can find Lakme’s lipstick range on Instagram.

3. Community Hashtags

Community hashtags help build a strong community of people interested in the brand on social media platforms. Community hashtags are similar to your branded hashtags because community hashtags consist of the brands’ names.

Ex: The famous undergarment brand Calvin Klein uses the community hashtag #MyCalvins. The word “my” enhances a sense of community among its Instagram fans.

4. Campaign Hashtags

Campaign hashtags are one of the most commonly used digital marketing strategies. It’s used while conducting a contest or running a campaign on social media platforms. Campaign hashtags help you gain a wider reach within a short duration. You can use campaign hashtags for a set duration. If you wish to improve your visibility on Instagram, seeking help from Inzfy and reach a large audience and get more customers.

Ex: Coco-Cola launched a “share a coke” campaign in Australia to reach a wider audience and build good customer relationships. The community hashtag that Coco-Cola used was #ShareaCoke.

5. Event Hashtags

If your company wishes to host an event, you can use event hashtags to inform users about the event you conduct. Event hashtags help the audience connect, share ideas, and continue networking after the event ends; like campaign hashtags, event hashtags will also work for a limited period.

Ex: Event hashtags look like #CharityDinner. These hashtags let the audience know instantly about an event.

3 Best Hashtag Practices

The three best hashtag practices that marketers should know are as follows:

  • Avoid using punctuation, improper spacing, and symbols, as it makes your hashtag less effective.
  • Ensure to use your hashtags in all your public posts. It will make it easier to appear in the search result.
  • Ensure to capitalize the first letter of the words you wish to use in your hashtags. Ex: if you want to use the words “Lakme Lipsticks” in your hashtag. You have to capitalize Lakme’s first letter and Lipsticks’s first letter. The hashtag appears in the following manner #LakmeLipstick.

Final Thoughts

We suggest you experiment with the various hashtags to find the hashtag that suits your brand. Incorporating the best hashtag practices will add more power to your hashtags in increasing reach.